Our tooling leather is top grade, made from North American cattle hides that are vegetable tanned in the U.S.A.  This leather provides exceptional strength, tooling and molding qualities.  Since leather is a natural material, it is not uncommon to find some markings in the top grain of the hides.  This allows for unique characteristics in every product we make.  Not only the particular structure of the hide used but the mechanical and chemical operations that are employed in the making of the products contribute to each item being one-of-a-kind.  Typically subtle, the uniqueness of each product should be appreciated.  All items produced meet our high standards of function, appearance and durability achieved through our strict quality control processes.

Our products are hand made in our shop in Bozeman, Montana.  Along with the top grade leather, we use high quality dyes, heavy duty threads, and durable finishes to produce items that will require minimal care and maintenance throughout the extent of their use.  We employ traditional leather crafter techniques to combine these materials and bring an exceptional line of gear to our customers.

G320 Belt with P003 Belt Keeper