AwlWorks’ line of products consists of original and unique designs for the law enforcement professional and anyone looking for quality leather gear.  We don’t skimp on the materials we use to create our products, making them some of the most durable leather gear available on the market today.  Along with durability, we stress the importance of appearance and take care to incorporate attention to detail in all of our designs.  Many of the design philosophies found here originated with Mountain Leatherworks and have given us a solid foundation to build and improve upon.

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All of our belts are made from the highest grade, vegetable tanned leather measuring 8 - 11 oz, depending on the model. Our heavier belts have an additional 4 oz lining leather added to help make them stable enough to carry the weight of a holster and handgun. We line our 2-1/4" belts with split leather. They are designed to accompany our reversible, split facing, 1-1/2" under belt and belt keepers to provide a non-slip, stable platform for a holster and multiple accessory attachments. The lined belts are all stitched around the edge to add strength and style.

Many belts will ’mold’ to fit the natural contour of your body over a period of time. Belts designed to be durable and strong resist this natural shaping. AwlWorks offers a curved 2-1/4" belt to give immediate comfort and stability of a well broken in belt. The curved shape is designed to fit the natural contour of your waist and to allow the weight of any attachments to distribute across the width of the belt. This all adds up to hours of comfortable wear with minimal strain on the body.

Not only are our belts strong, durable, and stylish, they come in a variety of widths to accommodate any use. We make our lined belts starting at 2-1/4” width; 1-3/4" will fit blue jeans or uniform pants belt loops; 1-3/8” and 1-3/16” widths are designed to fit casual or dress pant loops. In addition to the split facing under belt mentioned above, we make unlined garrison belts that look good on any uniform and can double as under belts. The garrison belts come in 1-3/4" and 1-3/8” widths.

Harness Button (HB) System
We use a unique harness button attachment system. The HB system was designed to provide better security than the old ‘Sam Brown’, while at the same time providing quick and easy operation. The HB system has proven to be very strong, durable, and versatile on any size belt. In fact, we like it so much
it is the only attachment system we currently offer on our belts.

Key features of the Harness Button belts:
High Security - performs under stress
Low Profile - no large, reflective buckle
Comfort - will not pinch abdomen
Instant Adjustability - 5 inch range of size adjustment
Optional Hidden Hardware - meets various agency standards

Belt Keepers
There is no reason to skimp on what is essentially a safety strap for the entire duty rig. There are many stretched out, too thin, too light or just poor quality leather keepers out there. We make our belt keepers a full 1 inch wide out of our best 9 oz belt leather. The combination of the wider strap and heavy leather eliminates the stretching problems. We thought it better to make a double strength 1 inch keeper rather than just make a wider keeper that takes up scarce space on the duty belt.

In response to requests for a heavy duty hidden snap keeper we make a double layered keeper that is incredibly strong. We fold a single piece of 4-1/2 oz leather so that the stress point on the tip will be solid leather and not two pieces that will come apart with use. We glue and stitch the leather together to make a stylish, strong and durable keeper.

Handcuff Cases
For some time there has been a need for a quick and easy access handcuff case that would provide adequate retention security. Most of the open top cases on the market today provide easy access, but the cuffs are exposed to view, easily accessible to anyone close enough to grab them and are prone to being hooked on anything the officer may rub against. Most flap type cases offer better security but are not as accessible.

Years ago, a Federal Agency approached Mountain Leatherworks and explained their need for a new type of handcuff case. The new cuff case had to have fast and easy access with one hand, without reflective snaps or a noisy Velcro fastener, and must hide the cuffs from view for better public relations. Also, the case had to offer a high degree of security for physically active officers.

The resulting design was a handcuff case that completely covers the cuffs from view while leaving the cuffs available for immediate draw without operating any snaps or other fastener. Since there is no flap, the case can not be accidentally unsnapped. It is virtually a SPEED CUFF CASE. This cuff case is very flat and can be worn comfortably in almost any location. The handcuffs ride secure in the case and are not obviously available to anyone but the wearer. Best of all, the inside (palm out) draw offers an advantage no other covered case can match.

TRY THIS EXPERIMENT: Reach behind yourself with your palm facing your belt as if drawing cuffs from a standard flap cuff case - reach as far as you can at belt level - now turn your palm out and you should be able to reach another 6 to 8 inches along your belt line. Most people can reach our cuff case with one hand no matter where the case is positioned on the belt. All you do is reach around and with palm-out and hook the cuffs - it's as simple as that. The P111 and P112 are designed for Peerless hinged and all standard chain cuffs. We believe our P111 Handcuff Case is the only one on the market today which combines all these features:

Adequate Security
Quick Access
Inconspicuous Appearance
Silent Draw
'Palm-Out' Draw