AwlWorks leather gear requires minimal care and maintenance throughout its service life.  By following the tips below, you should get the maximum life out of our leather products.

Regularly clean your leather product by wiping with a soft cloth and removing dust or dirt that has gotten on or inside the product.  You may occasionally need to use a damp cloth and glycerin soap leather cleaner to provide a deeper cleaning to the product.  These soaps not only clean the leather, but replace the tanning and natural oils of the leather that lubricate the fibers and prevent brittleness while maintaining strength.

Since our products are heavily dyed, you will see minimal lightening of areas that are subjected to rubbing or scratching.  There should seldom be the need to use a colored polish to cover up any marks in the leather.  There are many good quality leather polish and balm products on the market that will also replace the natural oils of the leather.  These will add a nice luster when buffed after drying.  You will want to stay away from using additional oils such as mink oil, neatsfoot oil or mineral oil, especially on molded products.  These will saturate the leather, speed the breakdown of the fibers and cause them to become too soft which decreases the performance of your product.

Never submerge your leather gear in water.  If your product becomes water saturated, gently reshape it and let it dry.  Let the leather dry naturally; never hasten the drying by placing in the sun, using a hair dryer or putting near a heat source such as a radiator, fireplace or stove.  Moisture can cause leather products to mildew and heat and sun can cause them to dry out or crack.  Therefore, it is advisable that you store your leather products in a cool, dry place.  Some metals, such as brass and copper, will oxidize when in contact with leather products over a period of time.  If you see this happening, just clean the metal with a soft cloth.

Awlworks wants you to take care of your purchase.  If you are unsure what to use on your product, we offer a leather “touch-up” kit for use on our leather products.  This kit contains the same finish that we apply to our products in production.  Please see our products pages for details.