The best way to determine the correct length of belt to order is to take a tape measure and wrap it around your pants at the waist where the belt loops are located.  This will typically not be the waist size of your pants; it will generally be an inch or two larger. If the length is between inches, just use the higher number.  This length will be used to size your belt at the center hole and will allow for adjustments 2 inches larger or smaller.  Another way to determine correct size is to just measure a belt you are currently using.  Measure from where the buckle hooks with the free end of the belt when buckled, to the hole it is being fastened to when you are wearing it.

When determining sizes for duty belts, you will need to measure over an under belt to get the correct size, as this is how you will be wearing the belt.  This will generally add 2 inches to the size of the belt.  So, if you are ordering an under belt and a duty belt, it is not uncommon for the under belt size to be two inches larger than the waist size of your pants and the duty belt size to be two inches larger than that.

Belt Loops
Are you wondering if the belt you want to purchase will fit through your belt loops?  If you are looking at one of our wider belts that you want to wear inside the belt loops, measure the inside of a belt loop on your pants to see what width of belt will slide through.  Be aware that belts have a thickness to them so allow adequate space to accommodate that thickness, especially lined belts.  Many people want a wider belt for added support and we want to be sure that the belt you purchase fits the belt loops on the pants you intend to wear it with.